Granite State Vapor is not just a vape lounge, its a community. We are a company run by people who love to vape and enjoy being with people who feel the same. We consider our lounges to be living rooms to be shared and enjoyed by all of our friends. Our lounges are for relaxing, with old friends and new. We have sports drinks, energy drinks, and loner notebooks to check email or surf.  We believe everyone that vapes is unique.  There is so much variety in taste buds, throat hit, device ergonomics and functionality as well as each persons individual vaping environment.  We will help you to chose the right vaping system, with the right flavor. Not just a set up and a flavor but a personal vaping system specifically designed for you. We carry all the best flavors and have vape systems and accessories to match any budget.  If your just starting out, we look forward to helping you to understand all the options available to you. If your a veteran vapor, stop by today and chase some clouds with us.